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How many times have you said, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”?  Or maybe this rings true, “I earned this snack by working out today.”  Many people resonate with, “This won’t hurt me, it’s just one bowl of ice cream…”


Obviously when it comes to our health, we take a fairly passive approach to actually achieving any improvements.  EVEN WHEN we know our approach flies in the face of our Creator who has given us guidelines and expectations to keep us focused on His desire for us.  John 10:10 tells us that Jesus has come to give us life to the fullest!  And this full life we are promised, includes our health.


Deryl W. Duer has spent years learning how our bodies work, in the context of what scripture tells us about how we have been made.  Fearfully.  Wonderfully.  And a body that’s designed to experience a full life!


So, what keeps us stuck where we are?  What keeps us from following God’s plan?

  • Is it a lack of knowledge?

  • Is it complacency?

  • Is it Fear?  (It’s certainly not a healthy fear of God!)

Fully Alive explores the depths of God’s word respective to health, uncovering for us the truths about treating our bodies like temples, unpacking His word for greater understanding of what it would mean if we actually followed His guidelines on what we ate and how we exercised.  Fully Alive tackles the question of, “What if we had a heart for ourselves that matched our care-level for others?”


It’s time.  Abandon your fear.  Exchange complacency with action.  Grow in wisdom and knowledge of Him.  It’s time to experience being Fully Alive!




"“Deryl Duer has written a personal, inspirational, and challenging book showing the relationship between exercise, eating right, and biblical teaching. I knew Deryl when he was at his heaviest and unhealthiest, and it has been encouraging for me to watch his transformation, as well as his growing ministry in this pivotal area. I encourage you to ingest, digest, and act on his wisdom.”"

Kendell Easley, University Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University (Tennessee)

"“I am the Sarah that you'll read about in this book. I have loved the Lord for many years, with all of my heart and mind but had never been taught about loving Him with all of my body. God began stirring in my heart this need to find out what His Word said about how to eat and care for my body. He led me to Deryl. What Deryl did for me over several months he has now done for you through this amazing book. Open your heart, read this with a willingness to learn, and the victory will be yours.”"

Sarah Musick, Christ-follower, wife, mother of 6 (with 7 on the way), and worship leader

""For years I have been reading, researching and taking part in multiple programs targeting improvement in my health as well as understanding how important what I do is to God. Through Deryl's book I have learned at a much deeper level why following the principles outlined in this book make all the difference. I challenge anyone to read this book and be prepared to see what you are missing, and how to discover how to tap into a life you have always longed for but now can achieve. Thank you Deryl for listening, writing, and giving us a practical doable application for living Fully Alive!""

Denise Needham, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), SurveyMe, Newport Beach, California

"“Through his irrefutable testimony, Deryl exhorts us to commit to life fully. To be “All In.” His honest, direct challenges are not formed in a bubble with a Bible, but with a life that contains tragedy and triumph. The Bible informs his experiences, giving meaning to his life, and in turn, to our lives. Our culture has grown weary of soft-spoken half-truths that make us feel better about our choices. Deryl’s bold statements, backed with science and spirituality, lead us to authentic evaluation of our life now and how it could be in the future. Whether you consider yourself a health nut or a couch potato, this book will take you deeper in your understanding of complete health. Just as in the exhilarating conclusion of The Chronicles of Narnia, Deryl calls to us, “Come further up! Come further in!” Read this and gain a renewed desire to be Fully Alive!”"

Jocelynn Bailey

"“Deryl has a passion to glorify the Lord in every aspect—and especially by being a steward of the temple that God has given him. In his book, he tells the story of his own dramatic 100-pound weight loss and transformation, encouraging others to be able to make the changes, too—and not out of vanity or as an idol, but as a tool to glorify the Maker of the heavens and the earth. He uses God’s Word and his own personal experiences to remind you of the truth of the gift of obedience in all things to Christ. I encourage anyone to pick up this book to edify your spirit, encourage your mind, and motivate your body into submission to Christ. Every word of God proves true, he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. (Proverbs 30:5) May you be encouraged through the passion that God has given Deryl to proclaim this message!”"

Keri Lappi, CIHC, Founder, Energetic Wellness Coaching

""Deryl Duer is the Dave Ramsey of health and fitness, and I believe that God has given him this ministry to make an incredible difference in the American church and to start a revolution. I'm excited to see where this movement leads. This book is life changing. I read one chapter a day so that I could truly digest all the incredible truths he dives into. This isn't another "diet book" or anything like that- this is about life change, heart change, mindset change. I wish I had read this YEARS ago, but I am so grateful to have this now. I am planning on giving this away as a gift to others on their health and fitness journey, and I fully intend to lead at least one small group through this phenomenal book.""

Sarah Lewis


About Deryl Duer

Deryl W. Duer has lived the message of this book. He is an award-winning fitness expert, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC). He’s also a certified trainer in P90X Live, Insanity Live, and Turbokick.  Deryl is a former law enforcement officer with 20 years of martial arts training. He graduated with honors from Liberty University and earned his Masters of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Most importantly, Deryl is a Christ-following husband and father of four.




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