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“I conquered my gut health issues, then
helped thousands more with theirs. Now let’s
see how great you can feel in just 4 weeks!”

—Autumn Calabrese






The 4 Week Gut Protocol is a comprehensive nutrition program that shows you how the food you eat impacts your gut health and overall health. Pair it with 4 Weeks for Every Body, a no-impact fitness program, and our recommended supplements, and go all-in on truly feeling your best

Not sure if it’s for you? Take the Check Your Gut quiz.

What I Discovered Can
Change Your Life

Conquering my gut health problems was one of my biggest challenges. Unaddressed digestive issues can mess with your immune system, energy levels, even your mood! When I figured out how food was holding me back, I got to work creating The 4 Week Gut Protocol that isolates the most common foods that can cause so many issues that undermine your health and well-being. Then, the program teaches you how to eat to help support a healthy gut and help rebalance your gut microbiome. I worked with Beachbody’s expert team of nutritionists and PhDs to make it easy to follow so you can finally stop guessing and start feeling like your best, healthiest self again!

No-Impact Workouts
Boost the Benefits
of the Gut Protocol

Studies show that moderate exercise can have a positive impact on digestive health. That’s why I also created a no-impact 4-day-a-week fitness program that takes the stress off your joints, so your body can do the work it needs to support your gut. Using just dumbbells and a Core Ball, 4 Weeks For Every Body is designed to work for every fitness level. It’s simple enough for beginners, and challenging enough for even advanced users to feel the burn. Workouts are 30 minutes or less, making it easy to maintain consistency while you build overall strength and mobility.

Powerful Supplements
Amplify Your Effort

The key to helping support your digestive health is Vegan Shakeology, the ultimate hack. This incredibly delicious, yet potent tool can help you turbocharge your nutrition and feed your body with the nutrients it needs, while supporting healthy digestion and weight loss. Add Beachbody’s Optimize and Revitalize supplements to deliver the one-two punch your gut needs to help promote good gut bacteria, help promote healthy digestion, and support nutrient absorption and bioavailability. All three, every day – an important part of your 4 Week Gut Protocol.

They followed The 4 Week Gut Protocol and no-impact workouts and got incredible results. Are you next?

Maggie W.

"“I have so much less bloating, if any at all! I also lost 2 inches on my waist and gained some muscle! I can see definition on my stomach which I haven't seen in years. I am so ready to keep working hard!”"

Lost 1.6 lbs., 3" total, 2" off waist

Julie W.

"“I was working out like crazy, but still pudgy and not losing weight. I did my research, but I didn't know how to go about fixing it. When this program came along, it was like a godsend!”"

Lost 6.6 lbs., 1" off waist

Raymond B.

"“It is an amazing holistic approach to reset your body and mind. It really is for ‘every body.’ I am happily surprised by my body's transformation, with what felt like very little work.”"

Lost 11.6 lbs., 4" total, 2.5" off waist

Change Begins Day 1

You’ll cut out the most common foods known to give people digestive issues. You’ll use color-coded containers and calorie brackets to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients. Videos and PDFs help you stay on track, and remain focused so you get the most out of every day. Autumn takes out all the guesswork, so you can feel great.

Fitness Takes It Up a Notch

There are 4 workouts a week for 4 weeks, 30 minutes each, plus an additional day of movements like a walk, hike, or stretch. You’ll build overall strength with eccentric exercises which optimize “time under tension” to help you get toned and feeling fit. Bonus indoor cycling workouts on BODi® can be done with the Beachbody bike or any stationary bike to further improve your fitness.

Tools to Help You Thrive

The 4 Week Gut Protocol includes a Program Guide, a Food Tracker, and weekly FOCUS videos with tips to encourage you on your journey. Plus, you get new delicious recipes created specifically for this program. And 4 Weeks for Every Body includes an Intro video, a Workout Calendar, and a Dumbbell Tracker, so you can mark your progress each week.

Success is a Team Effort

Need help staying accountable? BODgroups® connects you to a community focusing on making better health and fitness choices just like you. You and your group will empower and motivate each other, and celebrate every success, as you take on The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body.

Autumn’s Story

Something was wrong and I was beginning to lose hope…

I was losing weight and muscle mass, even as I was eating healthier than ever and consistently working out. I started feeling down, despite the fact that my life was actually pretty great. My anxiety was through the roof. My doctors referred me to a therapist and my therapist sent me back to the doctors!

After 2 years of research, grueling tests, and lots of things that seemed like answers plot twist, they WEREN’T – I finally found the right doctor who helped me figure out what was going on. I had unresolved gut health issues and I quickly learned I wasn’t alone. Millions of people have had their lives turned upside down by digestive troubles.

What I wanted was to get my body back in balance and help all the millions of others do the same. Give me 4 weeks and your total focus, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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