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“We want you to work out, not burn out.”

—Jericho and Elise

Everything you need for your journey

Be good to yourself

FIRE AND FLOW is a first-of-its-kind program devoted to transforming your physical and mental well-being. Alternate high-intensity workout days with low-impact, body-shaping recovery days to see real, sustainable results, reduce stress, and finally fall in love with fitness!

Fire, flow, results

You’ll love training the FIRE AND FLOW way. Start with Jericho’s strength and cardio FIRE workouts to help sculpt muscle, boost your metabolism, and define your body. The next day, Elise’s FLOW workouts bring balance to your routine, helping you build core strength and improve your mobility. Alternating the two helps you see lasting physical change, while being good to your body.

Stress less, smile more

This program is all about inviting more bliss into your life. Jericho’s routines leave you with an energy high and true sense of accomplishment. Elise helps you calm your mind and feel more centered. Your mental health also gets some love with the FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal. Filled with short, feel-good prompts and a handy habit tracker, it’ll get you into the practice of loving your whole self.

Your program BFF

Just like a friend who brings out your best, Shakeology is the partner you can count on to help you achieve your FIRE AND FLOW goals. A shake a day is an easy, delicious way to do something good for your health. Filled with premium-quality ingredients, it’s superfood nutrition you can trust to help support your digestion, energy, and overall well-being.*

Success Stories

They found that inner and outer shine. Now it’s your turn.