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Your 30-Day Countdown

to a Knockout Body


Introducing Core De Force

Created by Trainers Joel and Jericho, it’s 30 days of zero-equipment, core-defining workouts inspired by the most high-octane sport in the world—Mixed Martial Arts! In just 30 days you can reshape your body with:

  • Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations that engage your core from every angle
  • Bodyweight training that sculpts overall definition
  • Explosive cardio intervals to max your calorie burn

Shred Down with MMA-Style Workouts

If you want to slash inches from your waist and shed body fat, nothing beats CORE DE FORCE’S effective—and addictive—workouts. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill workout—this is CORE DE FORCE. And if you’re ready to fight for the body you’ve always wanted, you won’t be disappointed…



Meet Your Trainers: Joel & Jericho

Joel Freeman is no stranger to fitness having worked in every capacity within the fitness industry over the last decade. As a Certified Fitness Instructor, he’s traveled the world helping people fall in love with fitness and reach their highest potential—all while having a blast!

Jericho McMatthews is an international fitness trainer and presenter based in Los Angeles, CA. Alongside her knowledge and commitment to helping others, Jericho’s fiery spirit and infectious personality create unique and unforgettable experiences throughout her work in-person and on camera.

Your 30-Day Countdown

to a Knockout Body