To assist with your Bike Order Process We have made this step by step walkthrough:

Team Beachbody Account

First you need to have an account on Team Beachbody.

If you don’t already have an account then register here to receive a FREE 2 week trial of our Fitness On Demand library with over 200 titles BOD: – – Choose the 3 month membership option for the FREE trial.

Make sure the name at the top is the person who sent you to order.

MYX Fitness Account

You will checkout at the MyX Fitness page with the same email that you used above: –

  • After that, select the model of your choice.
Order Page 1

We chose the base MYX II version.

  • Next scroll down to choose your color preference with your warranty option.
Order Page 2

We chose the Natural White version with no extended warranty

  • After pressing the checkout button you will see your order confirmation.  Make sure you see the options that you had selected above.

  • Next you will fill out your Personal Information including email.  THIS Email Address is very important to enter correctly.  Match the email that you have from the first step above as this is what will credit the buddy who sent you to order.  Fill in all of your personal info, email, name, and address:

PLEASE note that this is also where you will enter your discount code “BEACHBODYMYX” to receive $100 OFF + FREE SHIPPING AND ASSEMBLY.


  • Next choose your shipping option.  1-3 weeks seems to be the FREE default as of launch day.


  • Next enter your Payment Preference.   Now taxes will be added 😮 (Uncle Sam has to get his share :/)  Note here that you can choose the Affirm payment options for as low as $30 a month and as long as 4 years with as little as 0% interest.  We payed with a debit/credit card, but if you choose to pay with Affirm, follow the steps below:

  • If you choose to pay with Affirm, the site will then send prompt you for your phone number to to get a text conformation:

  • When you confirm your identity with the conformation number and the last 4 numbers of your social security number. You will see your interest rate options:

  • Next select your payment plan.  In this example, we chose the longest term with 0% interest.

  • Finally you will receive confirmation and when your first payment is due.

Now that your order is complete, please reach out and let me know so that I can add you to our bike group on BOD and/or Facebook.

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