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Get Your Life Back!

By Radically Reducing Inflammation and Joint Pain

The principal structure and function phytonutrient in CoreCumin® is curcumin. Curcumin is the most powerful bioactive compound in turmeric (Curcuma longa). CoreCumin® is Nurish.Me’s flagship curcumin product that is superior in terms of absorption and effectiveness due to our proprietary formulation process and nanotechnology.* When you try CoreCumin®, you will feel the difference!

CogniNurish® is a powerful combination of six functional foods with the highest bioavailable aloe vera and a unique rice bran blend with hundreds of essential phytonutrients, including amino acids, cofactors, vitamins, and secondary metabolites.* Make CogniNurish® a part of your regular routine!

Our Science

Our Work

Our scientists have been individually conducting research for many years, resulting in hundreds of peer-reviewed published articles.

At Nurish.Me, we utilize the results of our scientists’ research and combine those results with other findings from clinical and preclinical studies. Thus, our formulations are a culmination of years of rigorous examination by many scientists. Additionally, we scrutinize other peer-reviewed publications where necessary to add other compounds to our formulas that may have not been directly studied by us, but that we know offer efficacy and value. This entire process results in the best products backed by the latest research in nutrition and dietary supplements.


Team of Medical Research Scientists Work on a New Generation Disease Cure. They use Microscope, Test Tubes, Data Implementing Technology. Laboratory Looks Busy, Bright and Modern.

Our Research And Development Process

Our scientists have long track records of conducting research. Most of the impetus for designing our unique and propriety formulations comes from years of evaluating certain key products and nutrients in clinical trials.