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We are facing an epidemic. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans die from preventable health problems and millions deal with disease and illness that are the direct result of lifestyle choices. Despite cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, we’re literally killing ourselves through improper and poor nutrition and lack of physical inactivity. Obesity is becoming the norm across the country, while healthy, fit people are often regarded as “unusual.” This is completely contrary to the Word of God, which says to “glorify God in your body” (1 Cor. 6:20, ESV). The Lord wants to bring healing to a sick and dying world, and He wants to use His people to lead the charge. We can no longer afford to separate spiritual from secular, faith from fitness, and belief from our bodies. He is Lord of all! As soldiers in His army, we should be on the front lines of battle, leading the campaign against the forces that would tear down God’s people.

“Your body is a temple.” If we truly acted on that biblical truth, we would surely become a light in a dark, unhealthy world and lead the way for our friends and neighbors to discover a healthier, happier, truly abundant life in Jesus Christ!
Fit4Glory challenges you with biblical principles for a healthy life and vibrant ministry. You’ll discover what Scripture has to say about the importance of taking care of our bodies and how we honor Him by staying healthy, active, and fit for life.

Through engaging Bible studies and group interactions, you will learn:
•    Godly reasons for healthy living
•    The power of commitment and accountability partners
•    Practical tips for a healthy lifestyle
•    The benefits of a church-wide health and fitness ministry
•    How to strengthen the church body through shared goals
•    How to establish a wellness outreach to the community
•    How to identify and train volunteer “coaches” in your congregation

Led by Deryl Williams Duer, minister, business owner and fitness trainer, Fit4Glory is the catalyst to help followers of Christ to embrace a truly abundant life in Christ!

Fit4Glory Teaching Series

A biblical perspective on our bodies
Deryl-Before-&-AfterDiscover what God has to say about why the human body, His greatest creation, matters to Him, and the importance of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Learn practical tips for making this important life change and find encouragement and support from fellow believers to make it happen. As someone who has overcome weight and health issues to achieve optimal fitness, Deryl can relate to the struggles many people face.

1. Your Body Is A Temple
Why God cares about how we treat our bodies
The Apostle Paul proclaims in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we honor God by how we treat our bodies. Though the church is often silent on the matter, Scripture is clear that our bodies are of great value to the Lord. This opening lesson reveals that, from Creation to our bodily resurrection, God has a plan for our physical forms.

2. Stewardship of the Body
Taking care of God’s Temple.
When we consider being faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us, we must first start with ourselves and with our bodies. We have to surrender our bodies to the Lord before we can fully give Him our time, our talents, our money, and our relationships. When we maintain optimal health and fitness, we are in a better position to also effectively use all the other gifts He has given us.

3. Sowing and Reaping
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle
Life is full of choices. Each and every choice you make has a consequence, whether good or bad. And while we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of those actions. Consequences are pre-determined by laws and principles ordained by God. Paul warns us in Galatians:
“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (Gal 6:7 ESV)

4. Mindset Matters
The secret to overcoming obstacles
A common principle in martial arts, gymnastics, and dance says, “Where the head goes, the body follows.” Similarly, our minds direct our bodies. If you want to change your circumstances, you first have to change your mind and behaviors.
Believing we can do all things in Christ, we must move past the negative thoughts that too often hold us back and lay claim to the abundant life in Jesus Christ. This final lesson reveals the key to genuine, lasting change: faith.

5. Food Is Fuel
Eating God’s way
Would you walk into the sanctuary with two trash cans and throw garbage all over God’s house? Probably not. However, you could be doing even worse than that every day. Scripture says that your body is a temple of God. You fill that temple with what you eat. Is your average meal worthy of the temple?
This session reminds us that, while God has given us all things to enjoy, food is ultimately just the fuel for a healthy life.

6. Nutrition 101
Practical advice for eating well
Understanding God’s view of food is one thing, but how do we apply it to our lives? This lesson reviews the basics of proper nutrition and offers practical guidelines for shopping and meal planning.

7. Made to Move
The importance of being physically active
In addition to proper diet, physical exercise is vital to total well being. Exercise improves mood and brain function, increases energy levels, combats chronic diseases, aids in weight management, promotes better sleep, and enriches relationships. This session shows us how and why God’s greatest machine—the human body—was meant to be worked.

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Present Your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice

Romans 12:1